What are the important FAQs? Info you should know about pre-built sheds

by Jun 15, 2021Our Products

At Heritage Portable Buildings, we pride ourselves on creating quality—yet affordable—structures. However, we understand that pre-built sheds are still significant investments, and you want to know as much about them as you can before making a purchase.

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you through the buying process. If you want to know anything more, please call (360) 755-3836 and ask. Any member of our sales staff will be happy to help.

Will pre-built sheds increase property value?

They can—just ask Bellwether Real Estate Agent Krys Bennett. However, portable buildings can also make a home more desirable to buyers. A house always looks more attractive with extra storage.

Do I need good credit to purchase a storage shed?

Anyone can buy a portable building. Choose our rent-to-own option, and we won’t even need to check your credit.

What type of foundation do pre-built sheds need?

You can use concrete slabs for foundations, but we recommend gravel pads. They’re cost-effective, and they allow moisture to drain away from buildings.

Can you build sheds onsite?

Absolutely! If your chosen location doesn’t have enough room for our team to maneuver a building into place, we will assemble it onsite.

Heritage Portable Buildings | Pre-Built Shed | Gray Shed | Washington
Heritage Portable Buildings | Pre-Built Shed | Dark Gray Shed | Washington

Do I need to pay extra for delivery?

All Heritage deliveries are free for the first 50 miles, not including ferry or pilot car fees. Then, we charge $3.50 for every additional mile. Learn more about our delivery and setup.

Should I do anything before my shed is delivered?

The Heritage team will do most of the work for you, but you will need to complete a few tasks before your portable building arrives. This includes checking local permit requirements and clearing a path for our delivery vehicle. Take a look at our handy delivery checklist.

How long do pre-built sheds last?

Heritage Portable Buildings are well crafted from quality materials. With proper care, they will last decades. We feel so confident in our craftsmanship that we offer:

  • 50-year manufacturer warranty on siding & trim
  • 7-year craftsmanship warranty
  • Limited lifetime warranty on roofing



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