what is rto?

Not everyone can buy a shed outright—no matter how desperate their storage needs. That’s why a rent-to-own shed is an easy and affordable solution.

A rent-to-own shed is perfect if you don’t have access to traditional financing or don’t want to face the hassle of a credit check. It involves a simple contract that provides you with the storage solution you need—when you need it.

How It Works

Here’s a straightforward explanation of how it works.

Meet Molly.

Molly wants to purchase a small cabin to use as an art studio, but she also has a large amount of school loans that she needs to pay back. At the moment, she doesn’t have the money to spend on her studio, and she doesn’t want to bother with a credit check.

But Molly doesn’t have to give up on her artistic dreams just yet. She might not be able to purchase her building through traditional means, but Heritage Portable Buildings can still help her get an adorable shed.

Rent to Own Shed | Heritage Portable Building | Washington

Molly Discovers Rent-To-Own

With a rent-to-own contract, Heritage continues to own the building while Molly rents it through an easy monthly payment plan. Even though Molly doesn’t have ownership, she still has possession of her structure and can use it as her personal creative space. If Molly chooses, she can take ownership of it by meeting the requirements of her rent-to-own contract. She can even pay the shed off early without incurring penalties.

 Rent To Own

No Hassle. No Credit Checks.

The Heritage rent-to-own program is so easy and convenient that it has become one of our most popular financing options. There’s no debt or credit check, but you should note that security deposit and first month’s rent are required at the time of purchase. Have questions? Contact us below.

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