Rent to Own

what is rent to own?

An easy and affordable way to get the storage you need when you need it.

When cashing out a shed isn’t compatible with your financial goals, rent to own provides the answer.

How It Works

Here’s a straightforward explanation of how it works.

Your Purchase Solution.

You need space. For storage or a workshop; for your new business venture, art studio or garage… The conventional options are the self storage units across town or that studio an hour down south. These options aren’t always convenient except in price, and in the end, leave you nothing to show for the money spent. But what if that same storage unit or studio was instead in your backyard and looked exactly how you wanted it to look? And not just that, but you were also gaining ownership of the building.

With rent to own you are working towards ownership with each payment, providing you with a valuable asset once the contract is complete.

Rent to Own Shed | Heritage Portable Building | Washington

Easy, Fast, Flexible.

With a rent to own contract, each month’s rental payment renews the contract for the following month as you work toward your goal of ownership. If life brings unexpected changes and you no longer need the building, arrangements will be made to remove it from your property without penalties.

You can also decide to pay off the contract within 90 days, and all money paid goes to the cost of the building with no additional fees or hidden charges. RTO provides a stress-free and low-risk path to ownership. Talk to your dealer for more details.


The Heritage rent to own program is so easy and convenient that it has become one of our most popular purchase options. Want to get started? Contact us below.


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