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by Feb 11, 2021Shed Design Tips

Very few people like to clean and organize a portable garage. For many of us, that tends to be a task that we plan to get to “someday,” and then, “someday” never arrives. Yet, clearing out and organizing your tools and gardening equipment doesn’t have to be such a terrible chore. The hardest part is getting started, so we’ve put together some tips for guidance.

Trust us, a clean garage looks tidy and feels welcoming—especially if it’s an Olympic design.

Mark a cleaning date on your calendar.

If you don’t set a date to organize your portable garage, it’s not going to happen. That’s why you need to block off a weekend to focus on the task.

Toss out any unnecessary clutter.

Possessions pile up quickly. It’s always a good idea to toss or donate a good portion of the items you never use so you can best utilize your space. Think about how much each possession means to you and be honest about whether or not you really need it.

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Group items.

Once you’ve pared down your possessions, you can now start organizing. Place similar items together so you can find them easily or divide your portable garage into sections. For example, a gardening area would include all of your equipment and a small potting table upon which to work.

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Go vertical.

You will need the floor space in your garage to park your car, so it’s best to use your walls for storage. Invest in customizable storage options, like pegboards, that can hold some weight and adjust to your needs. You could also install a series of shelves with labeled baskets to ensure every item has a spot.

Go even more vertical.

Don’t forget your ceiling! You can always hang bikes or other sports equipment on ceiling racks to get the most out of your portable garage space.


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