How to Determine the Best Shed Size for You

by Jun 26, 2020Shed Design Tips

It would be a pity to agonize over every detail of a shed—only to discover that it’s too big for your yard or too small to contain your stuff. That’s why it’s important to carefully consider the width, length, and height of the building you order. So, we’ve put together a quick guide to help determine the perfect shed size for you.

Just follow these six easy steps.

Step One: Decide what’s going in your shed

This is probably the easiest step for deciding shed size—especially since the items in question might be the very reason why you’re getting a portable building in the first place. However, if you want an art studio, she shed, man cave, or anything other than a storage space, you should think through the furniture and other possessions you plan to house in the building. If you want to put a king-sized bed in it, then you’ll need to order a product that can accommodate one.

Step Two: Determine how much square footage you need

If possible, situate your items or furniture on your lawn in the exact layout you desire for your shed and see how much space they take up. You should also think about any additional items you might buy in the future and leave room for them.

Step Three: Measure your shed location

Now that you have an idea of the square footage you’ll need, consider the building’s footprint and determine whether it will fit in the location you’ve designated for it. You can even mark the outline of your building with a garden hose to make sure the shed size you’ve chosen really works.

Step Four: Consider the shed’s height

Don’t just think about your building’s length and width. If you’ve chosen to place your building under a tree, roof overhang, or utility wire, then you will need to consider its height, as well. You should also take note of any wires or limbs it will need to travel under on its way to the final location.

Step Five: Choose an appropriately sized door

Make sure that your widest and tallest item can fit through the doorway. Fortunately, you can choose any entryway you like for your building!

Step Six: Customize your perfect building

After finding the right shed size, you can open up the Heritage Shed Builder and start designing!

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