Your Shed Delivery Checklist

by Aug 4, 2020Shed Design Tips

It’s easy to get a shed with Heritage Portable Buildings. We load the building up for you and drive it to your home or any location you desire. However, there are still a few tasks you need to complete before we can unload your purchase and maneuver it into place. Don’t worry; they’re not complicated.

Just check off these five items to prepare for shed delivery

Do your research.

Contact your planning department, building inspector, or homeowner’s association to make sure you can place a portable building on your property. Then, secure any required permits from your city or county. You must also conduct all covenant and land use searches yourself and find out how far the building must sit from property lines.

Determine the slope of your location.

Our experts can conduct a free site visit before shed delivery to measure the slope of your site. If you need concrete blocks to even out your building, you can either provide them yourself or request our driver to deliver them with your shed at the cost of $3 per block. While site leveling is included with delivery, we charge $100 per foot for corrections when land is more than one foot out-of-level.

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Heritage Portable | Shed Delivery Checklist | Clear a Path

Clear a path.

Make sure there’s a clear path from the road to your portable building’s ultimate location. This path has to be wide enough for the structure and our equipment, which means it should be at least two feet wider than the building. You should also check for power lines and low-hanging branches that might get in the way of your shed delivery.

Spread a gravel pad.

A gravel pad is one of the most affordable and practical foundations for a portable building. It allows water to flow out from under the shed, which keeps it dryer and helps it last. Plus, it will help your building settle evenly so you can avoid issues down the road. A sufficient gravel foundation uses about three to four inches of crushed stone and extends at least a foot past your building in all directions. Ask us for contractor recommendations!

Consider adding a wooded perimeter.

The thing about gravel is that it moves. Before you know it, your carefully prepared gravel pad could shift out from under your portable building. That’s why It’s always a good idea to surround your gravel with a wooden frame.

If you have any questions about preparing your site for shed delivery, call the Heritage experts at (360) 755-3836.


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