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You’ll never have to bother with transporting or installing your new, custom-built portable building. Delivering the shed is a part of our standard practice. Our drivers are trained in shed delivery and will use specialized equipment to transport and set up your building wherever you choose to place it.

Shed Delivery Near Burlington Washington | Heritage Portable Buildings

What Are My Options?

We offer two main methods for shed delivery: standard pre-built delivery and on-site build delivery.

Of the two, the former is the most common as it ensures delivery of a pre-built shed, fully assembled, whether inventory or custom built-to-order. However, there are cases when delivery is not possible due to fencing, tight spaces, oversized builds, unusual customizations, or even customer preference. Our on-site team will bring the pre-built walls to your location and assemble the building in the location you want it.

Which Method of Shed Delivery is Best?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but there are a few simple guidelines to consider for your choice.

If there are no space limitations to getting a shed into your desired location and the building is not oversized, standard delivery is an easy option as it is no additional cost (pilot cars and fuel surcharges may be necessary, contact your dealer for information) and results in a ready-to-go shed.

While on-site builds can allow for more than typical builds, there is an additional cost for the extra labor and time that goes into a site build. On-site builds also do not come painted or caulked and some customers may find this a big enough disadvantage.

At the end of the day, the best type of shed delivery for you depends on your needs for your building. If you have any more questions, contact us and we will help you to ensure your delivery is as easy and simple as possible.

Things to Remember:

Shed Delivery | Heritage Portable Buildings | Burlington | Washington

1) Clear a path

Remember to clear a path from your street or driveway to the desired location.

2) Remove obstructions

Look for low-hanging branches or anything that could impede your shed delivery.

3) Relax & Watch

Once our team unloads the building, they will place a set of wheels under one side and maneuver it with a special piece of equipment. This smooth and well-practiced process will make very little impact on your yard and property.

what you need to know

Take Note


It is the customer’s responsibility to acquire any permits necessary from their city or county.


Heritage Portable Buildings is not responsible for covenant searches, land use searches, restrictions, damage to a yard or anything underground.


The customer is responsible to contact planning department, building inspector, or homeowners association.


Heritage Portable Buildings, LLC is not responsible for anchoring the buildings to the ground.


Prices are subject to change without notice.


Custom sizes are available.


You will incur a 3% Charge for using credit card.


Delivery is free for locations within 50 miles of the Heritage Portable lot. This does not include the cost of any ferry or pilot car fees.


Set up leveling is included with shed delivery.


It is the customer’s responsibility to provide cement blocks. (The driver may provide the cement blocks for $3 each.)


Buildings 12′ and wider will have an additional pilot car fee.


Ferry fees are an additional cost.


Site prep is required if the site exceeds 2′ out-of-level.


There is a $100 per-foot charge for everything beyond 1-foot out-of-level.


Access to a site must be a minimum of 2′ wider than the building.


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