Lofted Barn Shed

The Rainier

The Rainier | Heritage Portable Buildings
The Rainier | Heritage Portable Buildings

The Rainier

Cheerful & Inviting

Welcoming and friendly, the Rainier lofted barn shed invites you in. Whether used as a farm stand or a storage shed, it radiates cheerful prosperity and goodwill. Open the big double doors and let the sunshine in while you work or play. Think about skylights or a cupola for an added effect.

Lofted Barn Shed Options

2×3 Single Pane Window
3×3 Single Pane Window
2×3 Vinyl Window
3×3 Vinyl Window
29×10 Transom Window
House Style Door –No Window
House Style Door –9 Lite Window
Single Wood Door
Double Wood Door
Bungalow Door
Roll-up Door (9×7) [Wall must be 12’ wide x 8’ tall]
Roll-up Door (6×7)
Custom Paint Color
Wood Ramp for 6’ Door
Shutters per Window
Decorative Hinges 17” per Door Unit
Insulate Floor with R20 (per square foot)
Railing (per section)
2’x2’ Skylight
2’x4’ Skylight -will not fit in barn style roof
Metal Roofing

Lofted Barn Shed


All prices include your finished structure, including paint and delivery within 50 miles of the dealer’s location. Our portable buildings and storage cabins also come with these warranties:


50-year manufacturer warranty on siding & trim


7-year craftsmanship warranty


Limited lifetime warranty on roofing

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