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The Larrabee

The Larrabee Horse Barn | Heritage Portable Buildings | Washington
The Larrabee Horse Barn | Heritage Portable Buildings | Washington

The Larrabee

Keep Your Animals Safe and Dry

The Larrabee animal shelter is not just a convenience. In the Pacific Northwest, it is a life saver for those of us who love our animals. There’s no feeling like that of seeing horses nestled down, dry and cozy, on a fresh mound of sweet hay with the rain pouring down outside. This shelter is also available with a dry tack room where you can store essentials away from prying critters.

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The Larrabee animal shelter does not have a 3D designer tool available. To receive a quote, our expertise salespeople will create a quote based off of your needs. Feel free to let us know what size and specs you are looking for in the form at the bottom of this page.

The Larrabee animal shelter


All prices include your finished structure, including paint and delivery within 50 miles of the dealer’s location. Our portable buildings and storage cabins also come with these warranties:
50-year manufacturer warranty on siding & trim
7-year craftsmanship warranty
Limited lifetime warranty on roofing

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