Meet the Dealer: Why Does Matt Miller Love Selling Portable Buildings in Burlington, WA?

by Jun 7, 2022Meet Our Team

If you’re looking for portable buildings in Burlington, WA, stop by the Heritage lot near the Cascade Mall and meet Matt Miller. Matt drove a Heritage delivery truck for three years before becoming a dealer in 2018. Since then, he has spent his days showing Mt. Bakers, Elliott Bays, La Conners, and other Heritage storage sheds to eager customers. His coworkers describe him as a family man who makes time for his wife and children—just as he does for every visitor to his lot. 

We recently sat down with Matt for a quick interview to give our customers insight into the man behind the Cascade Mall dealership. 

Thanks for making time for us, Matt! Where are you from? And what did you do before joining the Heritage Portable Buildings team?

I grew up in Montana and have lived in Washington since 2001. I was a finish carpenter for 15 years before Heritage.

So, you know quite a bit about craftsmanship. Are you married? Do you have children? And what are your hobbies?

Yes, 23 years to my wife, Diana. We have 6 children—three girls and three boys. I enjoy painting, drawing, wood carving, and homesteading.

Why did you decide to work with Heritage Portable Buildings?

My brother-in-law, Paul, started the company and persuaded me to come try delivering sheds.

What do you love most about selling portable buildings?

I enjoy meeting new people, interacting with customers, and designing storage sheds for them.

I bet the steady stream of customers keeps the job interesting. So, what’s your favorite portable building model, and why?

That would have to be the Shaw Island. I was a small part of the initial design process, and I think we came up with a well-balanced and attractive design. 

Portable Buildings in Burlington, WA | Matt Miller | Heritage

What did you contribute to the design?

I was little more than a sounding board. They showed me plans and pictures of storage sheds, and I suggested a few ideas that I thought would make it look better. 

What’s your best advice for anyone shopping for a building?

Figure out what you will be using the shed for, then size it with some elbow room. The most common regret I hear is: “I wish we had ordered the next size up.”

If you’re looking for portable buildings in Burlington, WA, or nearby locations, check out the lots on our Find a Dealer page.


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