Customer Q&A: How Jaden Vlach Turned a Heritage Shed into a Beautiful Nail Salon

by Jul 15, 2021Our Products, Shed Design Tips

Heritage Shed | Nail Salon | Portable Building | Washington

Everyone knows that a portable building is a great place to store a lawnmower and tools. However, a Heritage shed is much more versatile. With a bit of creativity, it can help fulfill a lifelong dream. 

That’s why we want you to meet Jaden Vlach, a 25-year-old resident of Granite Falls, WA. She’s a wife and mother who recently decided to help support her family by doing something she loves—making people feel beautiful. All she needed was a Heritage portable building.

We took a moment to chat with Jaden about the beautiful new building that houses her business, JV Nailz.


Q: Why did you need a portable building? 

I bought the building because my dream was to be a nail artist, and I knew having my own space would be important. I always dreamed of having a shed!

Q: Why did you purchase from Heritage PB?

I bought my shed through this company because they got back to me, worked with me, and re-did my plans three times to make sure I was getting everything I needed.

Q: What Heritage shed design did you choose and why?
I chose the Mt. Baker barn style without a loft! I love the floor plan. It allows my space to be super open. I also chose an exterior color that matches my house!

Q: How did you modify it to suit your needs? 

My husband and I worked every day after the Heritage shed was delivered. It took up to 30 days to finish the inside. 

First, we insulated the shed. Then, we cut and hung the drywall. We even tried to hang drywall on the ceiling, but it didn’t work out. So, we used shiplap instead.

After everything was hung up, we mudded, taped, and sanded the entire shed. Next, we cleaned and primed the walls, and we both painted. After everything was painted, we installed the flooring and the outlet covers. 

Heritage Shed | Nail Salon | Portable Buildings
Heritage Portable Buildings | Mt. Baker | Nail Salon

As far as furniture goes, I had been getting everything ready to set up for three months prior to the delivery, so our house was full of things for the shed. I just knew in my head how I wanted it to look.

We spent an entire day building and moving everything over. Finally, I was left alone in my building to decorate it and surprise everyone. They really had no idea what I had in my head for decorating, so I was excited to see their reactions when it all came together.

Q: What aesthetic did you choose and why? 

I wanted it to look open clean. So I used light pink and gray colors, and I also included bling and succulents.

Q: What was the buying process like?

The buying process was amazing. It was easy, and everyone I talked with was so kind. They helped me so much and got right back to me about when I was going to get my Heritage shed. They even got it to me one month sooner than expected!

If you would like to see Jaden’s incredible nail art, you can follow her on Instagram at @jvnailjourney.


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