Customer Story: How a Portable Shed Can Boost Property Value

by Mar 16, 2021Our Products

Krys Bennett has a secret weapon for flipping homes—the portable shed.

An agent for Bellwether Real Estate, Krys spends his days helping clients buy and sell their property. In his off-hours, he renovates fixer-uppers for sale. Not long ago, he decided to order three Birch Bay units from Heritage Portable Buildings for his flipped and rental properties. 

“I liked the space better,” he says, answering why he chose that design over our 10 other options. “It felt more modern and allowed [the portable shed] to match the buildings it was going to better than the other models.”

He used one as a storage building for a duplex he owns and rents. Then, he converted the other two into mother-in-law suites. One is located on a rental property he owns, and the other now sits in his backyard. His mother-in-law enjoys it immensely.

“It is able to give her the feel of her own ‘home,’ and it is roomy enough for her to be comfortable,” Krys explains.

He also says the storage unit has given his duplex a boost in business. It allows him to keep the apartments better occupied. He can even charge a little more because the portable shed provides tenants with extra space.

The Birch Bay | Heritage Portable Buildings | Washington | Portable Shed

In addition to those three Birch Bays, this real estate agent also purchased an Olympic portable garage from Heritage for another flipped property. He says a detached garage can add up to $7,000 in value to a home. A basic 10×12 Olympic design will cost $5,080, which would leave $1,920 in profit.

interior of The Birch Bay 3 | Heritage Portable Buildings

“When looking at the competition out there, Heritage felt better built—great quality at a good price.”

The sheds and garage have proven to be smart choices for Krys’s business, and he says, so has Heritage Portable Buildings.

“When looking at the competition out there, Heritage felt better built—great quality at a good price,” Krys explains. “The delivery and set up was a breeze and made it very simple for my needs to be met. I will continue to use these buildings for my projects.”

Those are words we love to hear! We always enjoy learning how customers benefit from our buildings—and we can’t wait to hear from you. Take a look at our selection of sheds and choose which one could help you fulfill a dream.


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