Introducing The Bay View: The Garden Shed of Your Dreams

by Oct 6, 2022Our Products

Get excited, plant enthusiasts! We’ve expanded our product line at Heritage Portable Buildings with a garden shed designed just for you. 

The Bay View is a gorgeous 10-foot-by-12-foot unit built with a pergola-style front porch, numerous windows, and pressure-treated plywood flooring to handle moisture. It’s a functional space for storing garden equipment, housing plantings, and potting new seedlings. Yet, it also adds elegance to a landscape.

Ariana Bontrager, office assistant at Heritage Portable Buildings, adores the new design.

“I love that we can provide a building that fits in with a garden’s landscape and adds charm and value,” she says. “The open deck on the side is my favorite feature. It’s the perfect spot to show off all the colorful pots you own. And you can place a chair on it, settle down with a good book, and enjoy the open air. It’s the perfect garden-side retreat!”

Garden Shed | Pre-Built-Shed | Heritage Portable Buildings | Washington

She also says customers have been asking about an upscaled garden shed for a while, and the Heritage team wanted to deliver a product that exceeded expectations. Our staff dubbed it “The Bay View” to continue a company tradition of naming products after Washington locations.

“We love to give customers that opportunity to connect with their shed or building simply because the name is familiar to them and reminds them of home,” Ariana explains. She then adds, “I love the allusion in the word ‘view’ to the many windows in this garden shed model.”

However, Ariana does want customers to know that the Bay View is not as customizable as other Heritage models. For example, it’s built in a standard size. Still, you can make changes such as:

  • Adding railings or flower boxes
  • Removing inside shelves
  • Changing the exterior siding color
  • Switching from cedar to LP trim
  • Using decorative door hinges

If you have any questions about the Bay View, our team is happy to answer. Just give us a call.


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