Why is OSB One of the Eco-Friendly Building Supplies Used in Heritage Portable Buildings?

by Dec 7, 2022Our Products, Shed Design Tips

At Heritage Portable Buildings, we care about each customer and their needs. But we also care about the planet and how our choices affect it. That’s why we use Oriented Strand Board (OSB) in the floors, walls, and ceiling panels of our units. OSB is one of the more eco-friendly building supplies, and it helps us make a difference, one portable building at a time. 

What is OSB?

OSB is a type of manufactured wood made from pressed wood chips. These chips are aligned in different directions and covered with wax and synthetic resin adhesives to keep them in place.

This type of construction gives OSB the following advantages over plywood:

  • It’s more cost-effective.
  • It can be manufactured and sold in longer panels.
  • It has smaller dimensional tolerances.
  • It possesses a more consistent density.
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Why is OSB an eco-friendly option?

OSB ranks among eco-friendly building supplies because it’s made of small wood pieces instead of large boards. Therefore, manufacturers can use up to 99% of a single log when making the product and, thus, harvest fewer forests. They can also make OSB from smaller, fast-growing trees farmed with sustainable practices. 

In addition, OSB is durable. For example, the wood-chip construction allows it to bear more weight than plywood. It’s also less susceptible to warping and ply separation than plywood, especially in wet climates. This hardiness keeps OSB panels from wearing out as quickly as other options. And, of course, a material that needs fewer replacements puts less stress on the environment.

However, it’s important to note that we don’t use OSB for exteriors because it tends to swell when it comes into direct contact with water. 

Call the Heritage Portable Buildings team if you have questions about OSB or other eco-friendly building supplies. We’ll discuss all our construction practices and how they help create better, more sustainable portable buildings.


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