Why The Birch Bay is 2022’s Most Popular Shed Design

by Feb 7, 2023Our Products

The results are in! The Birch Bay continues its reign as our most popular shed design! It beat out the La Conner, selling 46 more units in 2022. It’s now our best-selling model for the third year in a row. 

It’s easy to understand why people fall in love with the Birch Bay. The lofted storage shed is a stripped-back design that’s both sensible and affordable. In fact, it’s so practical that many people forego customizations, sticking instead with the unit’s original simplicity. 

But, of course, many choose to make the Birch Bay their own. According to Heritage Office Assistant Ariana Bontrager, popular shed customizations for the Birch Bay include lap siding, metal roofing, and additional doors and windows. Customers also like to keep a door on the gable wall and add a second to the side wall. Or they play with the wall height, going for extra tall or short buildings. 

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Ariana says this versatility makes the Birch Bay a favorite. 

“It’s the perfect blank canvas for creativity to suit each customer’s individual needs,” she says. 

And that means customers can use the model for many different purposes. They have purchased Birch Bays for well houses, animal feed storage, garden storage, pool houses, tiny homes, and coffee stand storage. Ariana even remembers one customer who ordered a Birch Bay with a flat roof to use as a garage storage “closet.” And another bought a green unit to use as their tennis court storage.

People are also buying Birch Bays in various colors, but a few stick out. In 2022, customers loved the combination of Sundried Tomato siding and Snowbound trim. Many also chose Smokey Blue or Ripe Olive for their buildings—or they ignored our standard pallet altogether and requested custom colors. 

But no matter what customizations people may or may not have ordered, the Birch Bay’s streamlined design captured their interest. So, we can’t wait to see what people do with this building in 2023. 

Call our team if you have any questions about our most popular shed or its customizations. We’re ready to help you find the building of your dreams. 


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