10 Creative Customer Designs for Garden Sheds, Guesthouses, and More

by Aug 8, 2022Our Products, Shed Design Tips

People often use our Shed Designer to customize their portable buildings, but the creativity doesn’t stop after delivery. Take a look at what some customers have done with their units and get ideas for your garden shed, workshop, storage space, etc.

If you need a garden shed, why not get one that adds charm to the landscaping? Scott Calkins did just that. We LOVE the pergola he added to this La Conner design.

Heritage Portable | Scott Calkins | Garden Shed

Thomas Kimmel had his 8×12 Birch Bay garden shed built on-site in the middle of his beautiful yard. Imagine the view from those windows!

Heritage Portable | Thomas Kimmel | Garden Shed

Sweetwater Stem Co. just opened this adorable flower stand in Gig Harbor. We have to say that our Shaw Island design looks pretty great in farmhouse decor!

Heritage Portable | Sweetwater Stem Co | Garden Shed
Sweetwater Stem Co.

Portable buildings don’t get more unique than Kevin Coleman’s “zen den” in Bellingham. That space monkey is particularly impressive…

Zen Den | Heritage Portable

Nothing says “I love you” like a Winthrop. Lucas Beaty bought this shed recently as a workshop for his wife, and we bet it earned him a million brownie points.

Lucas Beaty | Winthrop | Heritage Portable

A garden shed can’t get more charming. Check out what Thomas Johnson has done with this Shaw Island model.

Garden Shed | Shaw Island | Heritage Portable

Jaden Vlach is an ambitious woman! She turned her Mt. Baker into a nail salon in Granite Falls, and we love how welcoming it feels.

Read more about Jaden on our blog: https://bit.ly/3rSJyV2

Jaden Vlach | Salon | Garden Shed | Heritage Portable
Jaden Vlach | Salon | Garden Shed | Heritage Portable

Ferndale’s Colleen Johnson is proving that no yard is complete without a picturesque garden shed. We’re particularly fond of the lamppost she installed next to the building.

Colleen Johnson | Garden Shed

Need a spare bedroom? See what Rob Veins did with our Port Townsend design. His guests have complete peace and privacy.

Jaden Vlach | Salon | Garden Shed | Heritage Portable
Rob Veins | Shed | Heritage Portable Buildings

In early 2020, customer Mary Morris ordered a Winthrop model to house her new salon. But the pandemic hit and upended those plans. Undaunted, Mary pivoted her design and created a beautiful space in which to start MaryGold Tales a business built around her artwork. Her story inspires us!

Read all about her: https://bit.ly/3igelWG

MaryGold Tales | Heritage Portable
MaryGold Tales | Heritage Portable


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