4 Helpful Landscaping Suggestions for Attractive Prefab Sheds

by Feb 3, 2022Shed Design Tips

If you’re going through the trouble of designing a custom portable building, you should also think about the best way to incorporate it into your yard. Well-placed prefab sheds will feel like natural parts of the landscaping instead of afterthoughts. Here are some ideas about how to make that happen. 


Plan. Plan. Plan.

The best way to landscape prefab sheds is to plan before buying. Decide how you want to use your building and pick an appropriate spot for it. For example, if you’re going to convert it into a guesthouse, find a place closer to the house utilities. If you want a garden shed, find a spot closer to your vegetable plots and water supply. 

You also need to choose whether to feature the building prominently in your yard or tuck it away in a corner. If you want to highlight it, pick a color that stands out or matches your home. If you want it to disappear, choose a neutral or dark color and plan for hedges or fencing that obscures it from sight. 

Level it.

Consider building a level pad for your portable building. Unfortunately, many of our customers skip this step, not realizing how far one side of their sheds might rise off the ground after blocking. If you don’t want a gap between half of your shed and the lawn, make sure the soil is perfectly level or build a pad. Otherwise, you might not realize your perfect landscaping vision. 


One of the best ways to make prefab sheds look like natural fits is to mirror the landscaping of nearby homes. For example, if you have bushes around your house, place some around the portable building. If your home includes a porch with hanging plants, add a porch to your shed along with some pots of greenery. The closer you can match the styles, the more you will unify the two.

Create a connection.

Many customers physically connect their homes to their prefab sheds with walkways. You can create one by installing a cement sidewalk, laying pavers, building a wooden path, planting shrubbery, or simply designing a trail through your garden. Then, add a few solar-powered lights to your building’s exterior to keep the path well-lit. 

The best part of creating a walkway is that you can build one at any time—even if you didn’t craft a meticulous landscape design before your shed purchase.      

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