5 Tips for Homeschool Decorating

by Sep 2, 2020Shed Design Tips

Homeschooling may not have been your plan for the fall of 2020, but COVID-19 has turned this year inside out. The fact is that right now, homeschool or virtual learning could be the best way to keep your children safe. Therefore, you need to create an organized environment that will help them focus on classwork. We’re here to help with a few handy homeschool decorating tips.

Designate a learning space.

Many homeschool experts recommend sectioning off a part of your house for learning. If you’re having trouble finding that space, we can help! Heritage Portable Buildings has several building styles that would make excellent backyard classrooms for your family—like The Shaw Island. Its numerous windows allow for plenty of natural light and create a bright space for fostering creativity and curiosity.

Make the space look like a classroom.

Help your children get into the academic mindset by using a little homeschool decorating magic. Find bookshelves for their textbooks and art supplies, add chairs and desks, and hang a blackboard on the wall. Make the room feel like a place where learning happens.

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Let your children personalize their workspaces.

Encourage your little ones to take ownership of their areas. Let them organize their supplies however they like—or even paint the desks in their own unique styles. Allow your children some homeschool decorating freedom they would never experience in a traditional classroom.

Create a reading nook.

One of the greatest pleasures of reading is finding a comfy place to rest with a book. Pile bean bags and big pillows in a corner where your kids can lounge for hours. Or, purchase a portable building with lofts, like The Rainier. Those elevated spaces are perfect for curling up with assigned reading.

Give your homeschool a name.

Why not?! Get together with your children and brainstorm fun names for your personal school. You could even let them decorate a sign for it and hang it above the desks. This will encourage your kids to take ownership of their new classroom and maybe help them get excited for homeschool or virtual learning.


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