How to Create a Delightful Pool House using a Heritage Pre-Built Shed

by May 11, 2021Shed Design Tips

A backyard pool is more than an opportunity to exercise or a place to float and destress after a rough workday. It’s the perfect setting for a summer party.  Invite people over, make some snacks, and open up the pool house for extra shade and lounging. And, if you don’t have a pool house, our team can fix that. Here’s a quick guide on how to turn a pre-built shed from Heritage Portable Buildings into a poolside paradise.


Check your permits.

Before you ever buy a pre-built shed, check with your city about whether you need a permit for it. Also, take a look at local building codes to ensure you follow the rules.

Decide what’s important.

Think carefully about how you’re going to use your pool house. If you plan to store a lot of floaties and pool toys, then maybe opt for a lofted building like the La Conner or the Rainier. Do you want extra shade for lounging? Then buy a small cabin with a porch, such as the Winthrop or the Port Townsend.

Let in some light.

You want your new building to feel like an extension of your pool, so it should be as open as possible. Consider opting for double doors and extra windows so anyone inside will still seem connected to the party. Just remember to add blinds to the windows so guests can have privacy when they change into swimsuits.

Poolside cabin | Pre-Built-Shed | Heritage Portable Buildings | Orcas Island | Washington
Poolside cabin | Pre-Built-Shed | Heritage Portable Buildings |

Call an electrician.

Every good pool house needs a mini-fridge. Wire your pre-built shed for electricity so you can install one. You also might want a few extra outlets so you can string outdoor lights along the exterior for added ambiance.

Protect the floor.

The floor of your pool house is going to get wet, obviously. You’ll need to take some measures to protect it, like sealing the floor or installing a rubber one.


Paint the interior walls a fun color, add some outdoor furniture, and maybe hang some aquatic-themed art. Then, your pool house is ready to go!


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