How to Make Perfect Home Gyms from Affordable Backyard Sheds

by Oct 8, 2021Shed Design Tips

Nothing keeps a person motivated to exercise like a home gym. With our Shed Designer, anyone can turn backyard sheds into workout spaces that inspire health and wellness. If you want your own exercise haven, think through a few details before you order. 

The Regulations

Before you purchase or build any structure, research any local laws to follow or permits to obtain.

The Model

Decide how you want to use the building and order a model that will work best. For example, if you want a yoga studio, you could buy a Shaw Island with windows to let in light and help you focus. Or, if you’re going to perform a lot of heavy lifting, purchase a design with barn doors that will allow you to move in large machines. You could also opt for a model with lofts, like the La Conner, so you can store a lot of exercise equipment.

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The Construction

Not only will your home gym need to stay comfortable in all types of weather, but it will also need to support any activity you want to do.

When customizing your building, opt for weather-resistant doors, such as a Mandoor, along with windows that seal in temperature-controlled air. You can also request spray insulation to help keep the building warm or cool.

If you plan to lift heavy weights or house large machines in your home gym, you will also need a reinforced floor. It comes standard with a garage, but it’s also an upgrade option for any of our backyard sheds.

Finishing Out the Building

Heritage Portable Buildings doesn’t hang drywall or wire any of our backyard sheds for electricity, so you will need to complete those tasks yourself or pay professionals to do them. Remember to incorporate those costs into your final budget.

The Final Touches

This is the fun part—outfitting your gym. We suggest adding a layer of foam to protect your flooring and hanging up a large mirror to help you check your form as you exercise. You can even add a sound system to blast fast-paced music or television for home workout videos. Make the space as comfortable as possible so you’ll be excited about daily exercise.

If you have any more questions about our backyard sheds, the Heritage sales staff is ready to answer. 


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