How to Plan for a Prefab Shed that Supports Solar Electricity

by Apr 12, 2022Shed Design Tips

One of the more exciting developments in the prefab shed industry lately has been the use of solar panels to power garden sheds, home offices, guest spaces, home gyms, and more. It’s an eco-friendly option that can save customers quite a bit of money in the long run. 

However, you need to plan carefully before ordering any prefab shed that will use solar energy. So, consider the following as you design your Heritage portable building.


The Purpose of Your Building

Think about all of your shed’s potential uses and then list the machines your solar panels will need to power. For example, will you build a home office that will need lights, computers, printers, and other office equipment? Do you want a man cave with a television and video game console? Or do you want a yoga studio that merely requires a few lights and, perhaps, a charging station for a smartphone? 

If you know what electronics and machines you need, you can more accurately estimate how many panels you should use. 

The Roof Size

The number of panels you want will help determine the size of your roof. That, obviously, will inform the size of the prefab shed you should order. If you get the wrong size, you might have to put your panels elsewhere.

The Shed Location

Solar panels need sunshine to work, so place your portable building in the sunniest spot possible. Depending on your property layout, this might determine where you want your windows and doors.

The Relevant Regulations and Permits

As you choose your location, make sure it complies with local codes. This is also the time to get any permits you might need for the prefab shed, including those that may apply to solar systems.

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