How to Turn a Portable Cabin into a Dream Playhouse

by Apr 13, 2021Shed Design Tips

The weather is warming up, and birds are starting to sing. Spring is here, and it’s time to usher your children outdoors! Encourage them to put down the screens and enjoy the sunshine with a backyard building just for kids. You can easily turn a portable cabin from Heritage into a dream playhouse with these tips.

Pick the right shed.

Find a shed that suits your vision. Purchase a portable cabin with a porch (like a small Winthrop) or a ton of windows (like The Shaw Island). You could also keep things simple with The La Conner.

Choose a fun color.

You want the building to feel playful, so pick an exterior color that your children will love. We offer a cheerful sun-dried tomato red and a light dockside blue that would work well. Or you could even choose a hue that matches your home.

Light Gray Cabin with Dark Trim and Small Porch | Heritage Portable Buildings | Portable Cabin | Playhouse

Decide on summer or year-round use.

If your kids will only play in the portable cabin when the weather is warm, then you can leave the studs exposed. However, if your children will use it during the winter, you should opt for insulation in the ceiling, walls, and floor. You can also get insulated vinyl windows and house doors with weather seals. Our craftsman can frame interior walls if you like, but you’ll be responsible for hanging drywall.

Choose a theme and decorate.

Here comes the fun part. Talk to your children and let them decide what kind of playhouse they want. You can create a tiny home, complete with a toy kitchen and child-sized furniture. You can build an art space and paint the walls with chalkboard paint so imaginations can run wild. You could even make an adventure space and create climbing walls on the portable cabin’s exterior. If you get really ambitious, you can combine the ideas!

Just make sure your playhouse is colorful, safe, and ready to encourage fun.


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