How Your Portable Shed Gets Delivered in the Winter

by Dec 7, 2020Our Products, Shed Design Tips

Some of our customers think they should wait until spring to order a portable shed, after the snow and ice have disappeared from the roadways. That’s not true, though.

As native Washingtonians, we know how to get things done in the winter. Our drivers can handle our truck in all weather and can deliver your building safely at any time of year.

When the weather gets particularly challenging, we use a small machine called a “mule” to lift a portable shed off our trailer and maneuver it into place. Our truck and trailer never leave the roadway in this situation, so you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck in snowdrifts.

Although we have everything under control, you can still help by completing a few tasks before your building arrives.

Clear any snow from the portable shed site.

We can’t position a building on top of snow and ice. You will need to clear a spot for the shed, probably about the size of the gravel pad you’re most likely using as a foundation.

Check the ground before delivery to make sure it’s not too boggy.

It’s never a good idea to position a portable shed on soggy ground. Check the soil wetness before the delivery date. If the weather has been particularly rainy, we might have to postpone for a few days or even a couple weeks.

Plow any steep or slippery sections of your driveway.

Heritage personnel might be experts at driving in the winter, but no one should take a portable shed down a steep, snow-covered driveway. Clear any dangerous sections in front of your home and spread sand across particularly icy patches. Do everything you can to ensure a safe and speedy delivery.

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And that’s it! Winter deliveries might take a little extra care, but they’re absolutely possible. So, don’t wait until May to order your building. Check out your options now!


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