On-site Builds: What Are They and How Can They Offer More Customization Options?

Jan 5, 2023Our Products, Shed Design Tips

At Heritage Portable Buildings, we do everything possible to get customers the buildings they need. And we don’t let any fence, garden, tree, or other obstruction stop us. In fact, we can bypass just about any obstacle to put a building where you need it. Just call and order an “on-site build.” 

What is an on-site build?

During this type of build, our craftsmen construct a unit’s walls and floor in our shop, and then we deliver it to the location of your choice. Our on-site team will carry all necessary materials and supplies with them and assemble the building wherever you wish. And they’ll finish the details, trim, door, and window installations after construction. 

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Why might I want an on-site build?

This delivery method is easy and low stress. And it’s a good option if you have space for a building but can’t make a path big enough to move a pre-assembled model into that location. 

For example, suppose you have the perfect spot in your backyard for a garden shed, but it’s surrounded by vegetable plots. In that case, you can order a building and have our team deliver and assemble the pieces without disturbing your plants. Your location just needs enough space for our workers to move in walls and materials. 

You may also choose an on-site build if you want a unit constructed directly onto a concrete pad. Or you can opt for it if you want a building that exceeds the height, length, or width requirements for fully assembled models delivered by road. We can accommodate just about any size when we build on-location.

And, as a bonus, you’ll get a front-row seat to your building’s construction when you choose on-site delivery. Many customers love watching their units come together in their own backyards. Plus, this construction method can help incorporate a building into your property’s landscape because it offers more control over where the unit goes. 

On-site builds also allow you to get more creative with your building’s design since you get more customization options. For example, you can have a lean-to built off the side of an existing building or design a unit with more height than preassembled models. With this type of construction, the sky is the limit, so talk to your dealer about the possibilities.

What should I know about these builds before I request one?

As you plan your purchase, remember these builds typically take a day or two, depending on your location’s distance from our shop and your unit’s size and construction difficulty. And once the building is done, it will be primed but not painted or caulked. So, you need to factor in the time and resources required for these finishes when you order. 

We also charge an extra fee for on-site builds because they require added workforce, and their construction isn’t as efficient as our other models. This fee typically costs about 15% of the total building price. Still, factors such as construction difficulty and distance can alter that figure. We also don’t offer this option for rent-to-own purchases. 

On-site builds are a great option for many of our customers. So, our staff is happy to answer any questions if you’re interested in one. Just give us a call. 


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