Is a rent-to-own contract your best way to buy a backyard shed?

by Aug 9, 2021Rent to Own Shed

You might need a portable building for many reasons. Maybe you’re looking for a space to park your car, a quiet room for homeschooling children, or a sanctuary to get some work done. Or perhaps you’re tired of renting a storage unit and want a permanent solution that keeps your possessions close. A backyard shed would solve all these problems—and a rent-to-own contract will make sure you have one when you need it.   

The concept is simple: You design and order your own rent-to-own building. Our team will build and deliver the building, but Heritage will still retain ownership. You will make easy monthly rental payments for the duration of the contract, and then—the backyard shed is yours!

Of course, there’s a little more to the deal, so we’ve compiled answers to our customer’s most frequently asked questions about rent-to-own sheds. 

Do you offer 90 days same as cash?

Yes, we do! Talk to your Heritage sales rep about how this deal can save you money. 

Do you pull a credit report?

No. You can purchase a rent-to-own backyard shed without the hassle of a credit check.

Will this affect my credit?

No. Your credit won’t be involved in any way.

What is the interest rate?

There is no interest. Rent-to-own is not traditional financing. Instead, you’re simply making monthly rental payments.

Can I pay it off early?

Of course! We won’t even penalize you for the early payoff.

What are the terms?

We offer a variety of options so you can pick the best for your budget and timeline. You can choose a 24-month, 36-month, 48-month, or 60-month contract.

Do I owe any additional money for the building after the final payment is made?

You won’t owe a thing! We will transfer ownership to you after your last payment is complete.

Can I simply rent a backyard shed instead of purchasing it?

Of course! Simply tell us when to pick up the building, and you won’t owe any more rent.

If you have any more questions about rent-to-own contracts, give us a call at (360) 755-3836.

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