5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering a Portable Building

by Dec 13, 2021Shed Design Tips

We do our best to make designing and purchasing a portable building as easy and intuitive as possible. But of course, you can still mess up if you don’t pay attention. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of mistakes you should avoid when purchasing one of our quality sheds. 

Not checking local laws and regulations.

It’s your responsibility to contact your city and/or county to learn about any laws you should follow or permits you should obtain before placing your shed. If you don’t—you might face a fine or be forced to remove your portable building. 

Not laying a foundation.

Every building needs a foundation—even a portable one. We recommend spreading a pad of crushed stone where you plan to place your shed. Crushed stone is not only inexpensive, but it also allows water to drain away from your building.

Using untreated wood too close to the ground.

Some people like to frame their gravel pads with wooden planks. This is a great way to keep the gravel from spreading, and it adds a little charm to the overall aesthetic. However, you must remember to treat the planks before you build your frame. Otherwise, they will rot.

Purchasing a shed that is too small.

Always, always make sure you purchase the right shed size for your needs. We recommend you think through what possessions you want to keep or store in your building before you order. Then, take careful measurements of those items and choose a model with plenty of room. You never want to design and order a portable building, only to discover that it’s too small. 

Forgetting to mark buried utilities.

If you plan to run utilities to your portable building, you need to know where your existing lines lay. Remember to call a utility locator before you start the project. 

If you need any more help finding the right portable building, give us a call. 

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