What to Expect for Your Shed Delivery

Oct 9, 2023Our Products

Our drivers always get raving reviews after shed deliveries happen. And it’s no wonder why: they make the delivery of a big building look smooth and easy. To ensure your shed delivery happens quickly and efficiently, we’ve compiled a short list of best practices so you know what to expect and how to prepare.

How Should You Prepare Your Site?

All Heritage Portable Buildings are built on 4×6 pressure-treated skids. These skids are what puts the “portable” in our company’s name. To ensure the longevity and quality of your building, the most recommended foundation options are either a compact gravel base or a concrete pad. Some customers opt for paver blocks as an alternative or an addition to elevate the building further off the ground.

These pavers are easily purchasable at your local home improvement or building supply store. If you require blocks for your shed, you can place the pavers near the shed delivery site but don’t try to save time by placing the blocks exactly where they’ll go. This actually creates extra hassle for our drivers, as they need to place the building and then lift it before placing the blocks underneath.

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How Does the Delivery Process Actually Work?

Our drivers load the buildings onto their trailers and transport them to their destination. Upon arrival, the approach to placing the shed at its new location depends on the specific circumstances of the site. Ideally, they will back the trailer into the desired spot and unload the shed directly in its intended position. However, this scenario isn’t always achievable, as the site may not provide direct access for the truck and trailer.

In these cases, the driver will unload the building as close to the site as possible. They will then lift up the building and position it on wheels. Then our drivers employ a specialized piece of equipment designed for shed delivery, known as a Mule. This device enables them to securely grasp the building and maneuver it into its designated location. Once the shed is in place, our driver ensures it is leveled, and the delivery process is successfully completed!

Heritage Portable | Green Mt. Baker | On-Site Builds

What Does the Shed Delivery Process Require of You?

To facilitate a seamless shed delivery, a few considerations are important for you to turn your attention to. Firstly, you will need to determine the precise location for your building. For visualization aid, consider using stakes and string (or a similar method) to outline the area, ideally allowing an extra 3 feet of clearance on each side of the building for maneuvering and accessibility. If your building includes a ramp, don’t forget to consider the location for it as well.

Secondly, it is crucial to have unobstructed access for the delivery team. The path from the street to your chosen site should be at least 2 feet wider than the dimensions of the building and have a vertical clearance of 2 feet higher than your building’s height. Take into account any potential hindrances such as landscaping features, fences, septic systems, trees, low-hanging wires and branches, playsets, house eaves, or any other obstructions that might impede the delivery process.

If you are unsure about something that might hinder the delivery, feel free to reach out to your salesperson with photos or videos, or request an on-site visit, free of charge, to verify that the delivery of your completed building is possible. Your satisfaction and the smooth execution of delivery are our top priorities.

For shed deliveries during the winter months, we have a previous blog post to check out. You can also read our pre-delivery checklist.

Still have questions about the delivery or pad preparation process? Our salespeople are always ready to answer your questions! Just give us a call. 


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