4 Unique and Creative Uses for Heritage Sheds

by Nov 4, 2021Our Products, Shed Design Tips

It’s an established fact that our company’s 11 top-quality designs make perfect storage spaces. We’ve also written posts about how you can use our structures for home offices, pool houses, art studios, commercial buildings, playhouses, and home gyms. But a portable building’s potential uses are endless. That’s why we’ve compiled a few more creative suggestions on how to use Heritage sheds. 


Luxury Dog Kennel

For some, it’s tough to leave a fur baby for any amount of time. However, the separation may be easier if you know your pet is happy in its own, personalized space. We suggest using Mt. Baker Mini for a small backyard dog home. It will only occupy a small percentage of your lawn, and it even comes with a loft where you can store pet food and toys. All Heritage sheds also come with insulation options, so you can keep the space temperature controlled. 

Concession Stand

No little league baseball game is complete without popcorn and soda. So, make sure your local sports complex has a working concession stand. Just pair our Birch Bay model with a mono slope roof and request a built-in workbench for storing crates of candy. You can even opt for a sliding window in front. Before you know it, you’ll be ready for the half-time snack rush.  

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Game Room

Earn the title of “Coolest Parent Ever.” Create a stand-alone game room for your children to play pool, arcade games, or video games in their private space. Remember to opt for insulation, so kids can use it year-round, and after delivery, you can finish out the walls and wire the structure for electricity. The best part is that your children can laugh, shout, and have a great time without once disturbing your peace.

Recording Studio

Famous musicians aren’t the only ones who can own at-home recording studios. Just browse Heritage sheds and find a design that speaks to you. Then, opt for insulation along with sealed doors and windows. After delivery, you can begin soundproofing, wiring for electricity, and installing ventilation. Soon, you’ll be ready to craft a new album or start a hit podcast.

If you have any questions about customizing Heritage sheds for your unique needs, give us a call. 


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